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Embodied Spirit Therapies


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What is an Embodied Spirit?

To be embodied means to be fully present in your body and aware of all of your bodies senses; to be connected deeply to all that exists internally and externally. To have integrated all parts of you, is embodiment; it is self acceptance; it is self love.

Your spirit is the non-physical part of you, your deepest essence of innate personality and emotions. In essence, it is how you show up in the world!

Embodied You is the foundation of our philosophy; a path to reconnect with your Authentic Spirit. We all want to find deep connection with ourselves and others and by investing in self care, bringing the mind and body back together, we can rediscover the importance of our spirit, health and vitality and our purpose in our lives.

Amazing Upcoming Groups & Retreats

Couples Mini-Retreat in nob hill
Fall 2019-28th of September, 9am-12:30pm

The Intimate Couples Workshop-Research has shown that Mindfulness helps partners to regulate their own responses and more fully accept one another, resulting in less negative fallout from conflict when it arises. In this energetic 3.5 hour workshop couples will cultivate a deeper connection to self & other, discover intimacy and awaken the Erotic and leave with a felt sense of deep joy.

*We embrace all loving partnerships

Albuquerque Yoga/Vedanta workshop-W/Tim Butler and Shubhraji
October 13th 2019, 10:30am-1:30pm

Don’t miss this exclusive workshop with two world renowned teachers right here in ABQ! Join Shubhraji and Tim Butler for a morning of Asana yoga practice and Vedanta teachings on, “The Magic of Letting Go.”

embodied you- mind body SPIRit! retreat in nob Hill
Winter 2020- January

Your Mind & Body are one system, yet we often neglect to care for ourselves with this in mind leading to physical and emotional dis-ease. EmbodiedYou is based on the cutting edge science of Mind & Body to help you discover your best YOU. This course combines mindful mental training, nutrition, and short duration targeted exercise that will help you reach your goals of weight-loss, improved performance, physical & mental flexibility, reduce stress, improve mood and much more.


Kimberlee B. Maresma MA, LPCC

 I am  a Licensed  Professional Clinical Counselor and Life Coach. As a natural born empath, I use intuitive skill as well as Humanistic, heart-centered, Attachment/Mindfulness-based and somatic approaches. I work with my clients from a holistic model incorporating their Mind, Body and Spirit.


Jose Maresma - Exercise Physiologist, Life Coach, Meditation Teacher

I have been a practicing Exercise Physiologist and Sports Scientist for over 28 years. I began my career working with high performing athletes and coaches spending an amazing time working with The US Olympic Training Center, US Ski Team, USA Cycling, NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, Elite Military, Federal Law Enforcement and over 150 Division One college sports teams. As I gained more experience and training my field of practice grew in the area of preventative medicine, functional nutrition and mindfulness training. I came to the realization that LIFE was the most demanding "sport" that anyone could ever play and required a healthy mind & body to meet it's demands, I dedicated myself to help anyone that was open to discover their best self.  


Walk & Talk

Allow Nature’s rhythms to work their magic, returning you to a beautiful and calm state of being.

Schedule an interesting alternative to office visits where we will have our therapy session outdoors as either a neighborhood stroll or a walking trail outing. Contact us to learn more!



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