Walk and Talk outdoor therapy sessions…

Get outside for fresh air and therapy…AND COME BACK HOME TO THE HEALING WISDOM OF THE BODY!


Being in our bodies is essential to healing. One can forever remain in the stories of their mind and have very little change in the way that they experience their world and themselves emotionally. Once rooted into the bodyscape the mind can relax and truth can emerge more easily. In this type of therapeutic session we move together and discuss what "comes up" through the body and explore that new terrain with great possibilities of deep insights of truth. Nature therapy has the ability to reduce stress, tension and anxiety, increase circulation, increase awareness of the body and breath as a positive resource, improve sleep issues, improves neurotransmitters that are responsible for mood regulation and enhance insight. These eco-psychology sessions are great for those who have experienced trauma and are ready to reestablish a relationship with the mind-body connection and to truly begin to inhabit their intuitive full selves.

Being in Nature offers a larger more integral container which has the capacity to hold all that comes forward as well as offering a completely different non-"face to face" dynamic that one is accustomed to in traditional Talk Therapy. Nature also has the ability to regulate our emotional bodies, increase our immune systems, and connect us to our own natural body rhythms.

My background as an exercise physiologist has helped me understand how important movement is for physical, mental and emotional health.  In addition to movement, researchers have also discovered the very real and positive impact being outside has on our health. I find that  working with clients while we move in nature  creates a beautiful and relaxed environment to work together. I am open to working in an outdoor environment you prefer, from the Foot Hills to the Bosque, to one of our beautiful local parks. I offer three different types of movement therapies.

  • Walk and Talk: A walk with conversation that can take place in a park or in a neighborhood.

  • Hike and Talk: A bit more removed venture in the foothills or perhaps on the Bosque; creating a bigger container for your emotional body and creativity.

  • Train and Talk: With my background in Exercise Physiology I will take you through a warm up, then a 15 minute HIIT workout, ending with a 5 min cool down. We will then spend the last part of the session in recovery and conversation.