Jose and Kimberlee have been working with some of the most challenging kids at the Youth Diagnostic and Development Center, and Camino Nuevo Youth Center. There is so much trauma that our kids have experienced early in life that have influenced their decision making. Jose and Kimberlee have equipped these kids with skills to combat the side effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences as they fortify our kid’s ability to deal with stimuli in a quiet yet confident manner. They also impress on our clients that a new life is within grasp with Mindfulness practice. Practicing Mindfulness is one of the most powerful strategies I have seen in the 30 years of working in education and dealing with difficult and troubled kids. I am so thankful for the services Jose and Kimberlee bring to our staff and students as they have already made a difference in all of our lives.
— Ben Santistevan, Superintendant of Education Juvenile Justice Services, CYFD
Kimberlee is an amazing therapist and skilled healer. She is a warm and caring listener who believes deeply in her clients’ own power to heal. She’s a calm presence in a storm, a powerful ally, and wise guide. She innately knows when to support growth, when to encourage stillness, and when to challenge ideas and help her clients take the next step. I’ve recommended her to dozens of my clients who are in need of a skilled professional, or just a caring ear. Whether the issue is big or small, she shows up and offers help that really helps. I recommend her without hesitation. Kimberlee is a true professional.
— Laura Ross Wood, CEO and Co-Founder of Blissborn Natural Birth
We brought Jose in as the keynote presenter at our annual health fair. He blew us away and elevated the entire event. I can not imagine finding a better person to inspire our employees toward healthy change! His presentations combined a review of the scientific research, action items, and compassion for folks’ health challenges. He connected with the larger groups immediately and also offered a safe place for one-on-one coaching for individuals. I highly recommend Jose as an expert, health educator, and presenter.
— Sadie Avery, In House Yogi-Wellness Director, Clif Bar
Jose Maresma is a skilled speaker and presenter who brings Mindfulness practice to real life...It is thus an amazing gift that he brings, as you see how to breathe energetic and calmly focused life back into your life. Every Day. That is, as he notes, a Super Power. And he shows how everyone can do it. It is more than words.
— Alexis Johnson-GSD General Council State of New Mexico
When Kimberlee and Jose did their first presentation at our school, somehow they got 500 teenagers meditating for five minutes. You could hear a pin drop in the auditorium. Their mix of science/research and warm positivity really reaches people. We are a very high powered school and our students are stressed. We are also a very mainstream school and our students are not particularly interested in anything they see as new-age or alternative. With Kimberlee and Jose’s approach, students see that mindfulness is well-researched, fact-based and useful. We have asked them back to present to younger grades, smaller groups, and to our faculty. In short we find them effective in a multitude of settings and with a variety of audiences. On a personal note, Kimberlee and Jose are extremely easy to work with. They are warm and positive, they communicate well, are on time and prepared. We are grateful for all their contributions to the well-being of our students.
— Dean A. Jacoby, Dean of Students 10-12, College Advisor-Albuquerque Academy
Referring clients to Kimberlee Maresma has been a very smooth and seamless experience for me through the years we have worked together. With her ease of accessibility for referrals and her welcoming first contact, Kimberlee provides a professional warmheartedness with clients that is successful in helping initiate their participation in counseling and all the benefits this type of therapy can provide. Through her rich background in health and nutrition, and with complimentary skills in Ayurvadic Medicine, Kimberlee brings a rather remarkable spectrum of training and talents to her counseling practice, providing my clients with true holistic attention to their circumstances, and attending to all the integrated aspects of body, mind, and spirit. She is also quite skilled in being able to provide a very focussed recommendation or remedy for clients needing to quickly find new tools or practical measures to help in their particular situation. Kimberlee is an extraordinary group facilitator, and at the Dar a Luz Birth and Health Center we have been so fortunate to have her on our staff to organize and lead many support groups. It is an honor and privilege to witness Kimberlee’s gracious mentoring and support with the women and families we serve.
— Susan Moore Daniels, CNM Midwife and Women's Health, Dar a Luz Birth & Health Center
Jose, I wanted to thank you once again for taking the time to speak with our counselors. I received very positive feedback! I hope we are able to collaborate in the future again. You are truly an expert in your field. Thanks again!
— Rachel M Ochoa, MA District Resource Counselor APS
Since the arrival of our (now 2.5 year old) child, my husband and I have both felt the chaotic disorientation that comes with being a new parent. Unprecedented love and joy, of course, but there is also that on-rush of old dormant triggers and a nagging sense of loss-of-self that exhaustion and this type of major lifestyle change can bring. Kimberlee’s mindfulness group, which is essentially a therapy group, has given us a safe and nourishing space to acknowledge these challenges, remind ourselves of our own intensions and reset. Kimberlee is incredibly compassionate, insightful and easy to talk to. She offers validation of our feelings and experiences, not only as a professional therapist who has seen and heard it all, but also as a fellow-human who can empathize and relate to the challenges we share. The tools resources and reminders that she’s offered have been very helpful as we learn to integrate mindfulness into our lives more and more.
— Rachel & Barr
Kimberlee is kind, compassionate and intuitive, and is able to provide deep support and guidance. When we send women to to Kimberlee that means they will be heard and cared for in a gentle and healing space
— Sarah Weinstein, MN, CNM/Midwife - Dar a Luz Birth & Health Center
Jose has proved to be the missing piece in not only my son’s development in his athletic endeavors but also his academic pursuits. My son has always displayed passion in sports and school but his performance was inconsistent. Jose helped him understand the underlying challenges that allowed him to lose focus. Jose helped my son develop mental tools to dramatically improve both the level and span of concentration. My son is more confident in his demeanor now. He doesn’t display that bewilderment when his performance doesn’t meet his expectations. He has renewed energy all around. Thanks Jose
— Marty & Anette A. - Parents
During the past few months I have been working with coach Jose, I have overall been more content and been able to function on a higher level both mentally and physically than I was before. I used to be a very worried type of person who never had much confidence in myself and would shut down because of it. The exercises he offers teach you how to trust that your mind is never out of control, letting you do what you need to do. I am able to control myself and my mind in high stress situations, rather than panicking and tiring myself out, which is what I used to do. Coach Jose will provide a unique teaching experience based on your own needs and goals, and I am very happy I chose him to guide me to becoming more mindful.
— Brian-Student Athlete
Kimberlee has a deep intuitive wisdom that she’s able to translate into practical advice. She consistently meets me were I’m at physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Kimberlee has been a cheerleader of my accomplishment and held my hand during difficult times. She herself has a deeply spiritual practice and can offer that guidance should you want it. I leave my sessions feeling more grounded and relaxed, knowing I have a different way of looking at things. I truly feel grateful to have her in my life.
— Ashley S.
I’ve changed and grown so much in the two years working with Kimberlee that I never would have imagined was possible, and having her guidance to light the way has been the essential ingredient. Two years prior I had pretty much given up hope, but Kimberlee did not give up on me. It is very rare to meet a counselor that not only has the clinical training but also has a heart like Kimberlee’s and for that reason her work is priceless. That real compassion and understanding is a quality that cannot be taught in any school; it comes from her heart. I have a huge amount of gratitude and appreciation for all she has done for me. Thank you Kimberlee!
— Will T.
Working with Kimberlee fundamentally altered the course of our relationship. We came to her with open hearts, but struggling to let go of so many patterns of anger and resentments. In a single session, she gave us the language to shift these patterns entirely. When conflict arises, we now have a practice that allows us to be more gentle with each other and ourselves and to really get to the heart of why we’re hurting so that we can truly forgive and move forward. I would almost think it’s magic except for how grounded, accessible and beautiful in its simplicity she has made this new level of love and intimacy for us. The impact of our work together is woven throughout our every day and we are forever grateful.
— Kristin and AJ